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Psychometric Assessments ( People Assessments )

Dynamic People Consulting is certified in the use of psychometric tools. Naturally, we use a tool that is a leader in the industry, and is internationally renowned SHL. SHL is the world leader in the science of psychometrics in the workplace. It is a truly global business, providing behavioral and ability assessment tools and services in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Psychometric tools are used because they offer more objectivity in any human resource processes than other methods. Psychometric tests provide information about a person's aptitude and abilities as well as their preferences. Though work experience and qualifications are prerequisites for certain occupations, they are not usually the best predictors of an individual's future performance.

Our psychometric tools help to bridge this gap of uncertainty and provide you with a more solid and scientifically sound criteria on which to base your selection, placement or developmental needs. The tools do not only provide information about individuals, but also provide a degree of reliability and validity to the process whether selection, placement or while identifying development needs

Types of psychometric tools available at Dynamic People Consulting:

| Aptitude and ability tests
| Personality assessments
| Culture and motivation assessments
| Career guidance tools

The above tools can be used in variety of ways to provide you with employee related solutions. In addition to other applications, psychometric tools can be used in:

| Selection and recruitment
| Training and development
| Promotions
| Career mapping
| Determining employee motivations and needs
| Leadership development
| Succession planning
| Coaching
| Team building

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